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Q-1. The Software Maturity Index (SMI. ANSWER IS A

Ref. Software Maturity Index : (A metric in IEEE 982.1-1988, see M = number of modules in current version A = number of added modules in current version C = number of changed modules in current version D = number of deleted modules in current version compared to the previous version SMI = (M - (A + C + D)) / M More perspicuously, SMI = 1 - N/M, where M is the total number of modules in the current version of the system and N is the number of modules added, changed or deleted between the previous version and this one. SMI can be a measurement of product stability, when SMI approaches 1.0 the product is stable. When correlated with the time it takes to complete a version of the software, you have an indication of the maintenance effort needed.


Answer is D
    Watson and felix model provides an relationship between delivered source lines of code L  and effort  E(person-month)and is given by equation -
    E = 5.2 L0.91
    Similarly duration of development D in months is given by
    D=4.1 L0.36
    Quick Fix model is  an adhoc approach to maintaining software. It is a fire fighting approach, waiting for the problem to occur and then trying to fix it .
    Putnam model describes the time and effort required to finish a software project of specified size.
    Logarithmetic Poisson Model  It is software reliability model that predicts expected failures (and hence related reliability quantities).

      _____________ is a process model that removes defects before they can precipitate serious hazards.

      Answer is C (Cleanroom Software Engineering)


      Equivalence partitioning is a  method that divides the input domain of a program into classes of data from which test cases can be derived
      a. White-Box testing
      b. Black box testing
      c. Orthogonal- array testing
      d. Stress Testing

      The following three golden rules :
      (i) Place the user in control
      (ii) Reduce the user's memory load
      (iii) Make the interface consistent are f

      a. User satisfaction
      b. Good interface design
      c. Saving system's resources
      d. None of these  


      Q-6. Software Safety is a Software Quality Assurance activity.

      Answer is B

      Q-7. The PROJECT operator of relational algebra creates a new table that has always same number of rows as the orginal table

      Answer is C

      Q-8. D

      Q-9. A

      Q-10. Wrong questions, no choice is correct, check

      Q-11. C

      Q-12. D

      Q-13. A

      Q-14. D

      Q-15. C

      Q-16. A

      Q-17. A

      Q-18. B

      Q-19. C (1024*800*24/10000000)

      Q-20. D


      Q-22 what is the baud rate of stndrd 10Mbps Ethernet ?
               A)10 megabaud
               B) 20
               C) 30
               D) 40

      Q-23. C

      Q-24. D


      Q-26. A




      Q-30. A


      Q-32. A

      Q-33. D


      Q-35. Which of the following is/are the fundamental semantic model(s) of parameter passing?
             a) in mode
             b) out mode
             c) in-out mode
             d) all

      Q-36. A

      Q-37. C

      Q-38. B

      Q-39. C

      Q-40. B

      Q-41 D

      Q-42 D

      Q-43 C

      Q-44 B


      Q-46. B

      Q-47. B

      Q-48. A

      Q-49.Suppose you want to delete the name that occurs before "Vivek" in an alphabetical listing. Which datastructure is most efficent
      a) Circular Linked List
      b) Double Linked List
      c) Linked List
      d) Dequeue

      Q-50.output of the following code sequence 

      char *s="hello world";
      int i=7;
      printf("%, *s",i,s);
      Its printing "%, *s", which is there in none of the options.

      Q-51. C

      Q-52. A

      Q-53.Binary symmentric channel uses
              (a) half duplex protocol 
              (b) full duplex protocol 
              (c) bit oriented protocol 
              (d) none of the above

      Q-54.Hamming Distance between 100101000110 and 110111101101 is
      A. 3
      B. 4
      C. 5
      D. 6

      Q-55. A
      Q-56. D
      Q-57. A
      Q-58. B
      Q-59. C
      Q-60. D
      Q-61. A
      Q-62. A
      Q-63. B
      Q-64. C
      Q-65. B
      Q-66. C (BUT CONFUSING)
      Q-68. Which one of the following is not an informed search technique ?
      (a) Hill Climbing search
      (b) best first search
      (c) A* search
      (d) Depth first search
      Q-69. C
      Q-70. B OR C
      Q-71. B
      Q-72. B OR C
      Q-73. C
      Q-74. C