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Artificial Intelligence Books

Active Contours: The Application of Techniques from Graphics, Vision, Control Theory and Statistics to Visual Tracking of Shapes in Motion by Andrew Blake, Michael Isard, 2000
Advances in Robotics, Automation and Control
by Jesus Aramburo, Antonio R. Trevino, 2008, 472 pages, 29MB, ZIP/PDF
Advances in Service Robotics
by Ho Seok Ahn, 2008, 342 pages, 57MB, ZIP/PDF
Affective Computing
by Jimmy Or, 2008, 284 pages, 35MB, ZIP/PDF
Ambient Intelligence
edited by Felix Jesus Villanueva Molina, 2010, PDF
Anisotropic Diffusion in Image Processing
by Joachim Weickert, 1998, 184 pages, 3.2MB, PDF
Artificial Intelligence - Agent Behaviour
by William John Teahan, 2010, 240 pages, 11MB, PDF
Artificial Intelligence - Agents and Environments
by William John Teahan, 2010, 154 pages, 8.6MB, PDF
Artificial Intelligence and Molecular Biology
by Lawrence Hunter, 1993, 480 pages, PDF
Artificial Intelligence and Responsive Optimization
by M. Khoshnevisan, S. Bhattacharya, F. Smarandache, 2003, 87 pages, 0.5MB, PDF
Artificial Intelligence: Foundations of Computational Agents
by David Poole, Alan Mackworth, 2010
Artificial Intelligence through Prolog
by Neil C. Rowe, 1988
Artificial Neural Networks
Wikibooks, 2010
Artificial Neural Networks: Architectures and Applications
by Kenji Suzuki (ed.), 2013, 256 pp, 8.9MB, PDF
Artificial Neural Networks: Methodological Advances and Biomedical Applications
by Kenji Suzuki, 2011, 362 pages, 11MB, PDF
Automation and Robotics
by Juan Manuel Ramos Arreguin, 2008, 388 pages, 29MB, ZIP/PDF
Autonomous Agents
edited by Vedran Kordic, 2010, 138 pages, 4.1MB, PDF
Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning
by David Barber, 2010, 644 pages, 15MB, PDF
Bioinspiration and Robotics: Walking and Climbing Robots
by Maki K. Habib, 2007, 11MB, ZIP/PDF
Brain, Vision and AI
by Cesare Rossi, 2008, 284 pages, 21MB, PDF
Brief Introduction to Educational Implications of Artificial Intelligence
by David Moursund, 2006, 75 pages, 1.1MB, PDF
Computational Intelligence and Modern Heuristics
edited by Al-Dahoud Ali, 2010, 356 pages, 25MB, PDF
Computer Vision
by Dana H. Ballard, Christopher M. Brown, 1982, 539 pages, 280MB, PDF
Computer Vision
by Xiong Zhihui, 2008, 538 pages, 66MB, PDF
Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications
by Richard Szeliski, 2008, 655 pages, 14MB, PDF
Computer Vision: Models, Learning, and Inference
by Simon J.D. Prince, 2012, 665 pp, 105MB, PDF
Computers and Thought: A practical Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
by Mike Sharples, et al., 1989, 401 pp, online html
Computing Natural Language
edited by Atocha Aliseda, Rob van Glabbeek, Dag Westerstahl, 1998
Current Advancements in Stereo Vision
edited by Asim Bhatti, 2012, 224 pp, 12MB, PDF
Cutting Edge Robotics 2010
edited by Vedran Kordic, 2010, 440 pages, 30MB, PDF
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Real Life Applications
by Julio Ponce, Adem Karahoca, 2009, 464 pages, 20MB, ZIP/PDF
Data Mining Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams, 2004
Digital Image Processing
edited by Stefan G. Stanciu, 2012, 200 pp, 14MB, PDF
Distributed Control of Robotic Networks
by Francesco Bullo, Jorge Cortes, Sonia Martinez, 2009, 323 pages, 10MB, PDF
The Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction
by T. Hastie, R. Tibshirani, J. Friedman, 2009, 764 pages, 8.2MB, PDF
Encyclopedia of Computational Intelligence
Scholarpedia, 2009
Face Recognition
edited by Milos Oravec, 2010, 412 pages, 28MB, PDF
Fault Detection
edited by Wei Zhang, 2010, 512 pages, 12MB, PDF
A First Encounter with Machine Learning
by Max Welling, 2011, 93 pp, 420KB, PDF
Foundations of Constraint Satisfaction
by Edward Tsang, 1993, PDF
From Bricks to Brains: The Embodied Cognitive Science of LEGO
by M. Dawson, B. Dupuis, M. Wilson, 2010, 354 pages, 7.5MB, PDF
Frontiers in Evolutionary Robotics
by Hitoshi Iba, 2008, 596 pages, PDF
Frontiers in Robotics, Automation and Control
by Alexander Zemliak, 2008, 450 pages, 20MB, PDF
Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning
by Carl E. Rasmussen, Christopher K. I. Williams, 2005, 266 pages, PDF
Geometry and Screw Theory for Robotics
by Stefano Stramigioli, Herman Bruyninckx, 2001, 75 pp, 850KB, PDF
How Are We To Know?
by Nils J. Nilsson, 2006, 190 pages, PDF
Human Robot Interaction
by Nilanjan Sarkar, 2007, 522 pages, 10MB, PDF
Humanoid Robots
edited by Ben Choi, 2009, 388 pages, PDF
Humanoid Robots: Human-like Machines
edited by Matthias Hackel, 2007, 642 pages, 10MB, PDF
Humanoid Robots: New Developments
edited by Armando Carlos de Pina Filho, 2007, 582 pages, 8.5MB, PDF
Image Fusion and Its Applications
by Yufeng Zheng, 2011, 242 pages, 38MB, PDF
Image Processing and Data Analysis: The Multiscale Approach
by Jean-Luc Starck, Fionn D. Murtagh, Albert Bijaoui, 1998, 315 pages, 7.1MB, PDF
Image Processing in C: Analyzing and Enhancing Digital Images
by Dwayne Philipps, 1997, 816 pages, 9.2MB, PDF
Image Segmentation
edited by Pei-Gee Ho, 2011, 538 pages, 47MB, PDF
Intelligent Vision Systems for Industry
by Bruce G. Batchelor, 2002, 473 pages, 19MB, PDF
An Introduction to Intelligent and Autonomous Control
by P. J. Antsaklis, K. M. Passino, 1992, 448 pages, PDF
Introduction to Machine Learning
by Amnon Shashua, 2009, 109 pages, 680KB, PDF
Introduction To Machine Learning
by Nils J Nilsson, 1997, 209 pages, 2.6MB, PDF
An Introduction to Neural Networks
by Ben Krose, Patrick van der Smagt, 1996, 135 pp, 2.1MB, PDF
Introduction to Neural Networks for Java
by Jeff Heaton, 2008
Introduction to Programming for Image Analysis with VTK
by Xenophon Papademetris, 2006, 238 pages, 5.4MB, PDF
An Introduction to Stochastic Attribute-Value Grammars
by Rob Malouf, Miles Osborne, 2001, 159 pp, 1.8MB, PDF
Logic for Computer Science
by Jean H. Gallier, 1986, 528 pages, 1.5MB, ZIP/PDF
Machine Interpretation of Line Drawings
by Kokichi Sugihara, 1986, 236 pages, 3.7MB, PDF
Machine Learning
edited by Abdelhamid Mellouk and Abdennacer Chebira, 2009
Machine Learning
by Rohit Singh, Tommi Jaakkola, Ali Mohammad, 2006, PDF
Machine Learning, Neural and Statistical Classification
by D. Michie, D. J. Spiegelhalter, 1994, 298 pages, 1.7MB, PDF
Machine Perception
by Ramakant Nevatia, 1982, 224 pages, PDF
Machine Translation: an Introductory Guide
by Doug Arnold, at al. 1994
Machine Vision
by R. Jain, R. Kasturi, B. G. Schunck, 1995, PDF
Machine Vision: Automated Visual Inspection and Robot Vision
by David Vernon, 1991, 260 pages, PDF
A Mathematical Introduction to Robotic Manipulation
by Richard M. Murray, Zexiang Li, S. Shankar Sastry, 1994, 474 pp, 2.7MB, PDF
Medical Robotics
edited by Vanja Bozovic, 2008, 526 pages, 11MB, PDF
Mobile Robotics, Moving Intelligence
edited by Jonas Buchli, 2006, 586 pages, 9.2MB, PDF
Mobile Robots: Perception and Navigation
edited by Sascha Kolski, 2007, 704 pages, 11MB, PDF
Mobile Robots: Towards New Applications
by Aleksandar Lazinica, 2006, 600 pages, 8MB, PDF
Modern Speech Recognition Approaches with Case Studies
by S. Ramakrishnan (ed.), 2012, 326 pp, 8.8MB, PDF
Multiagent Systems: Algorithmic, Game-Theoretic, and Logical Foundations
by Yoav Shoham, Kevin Leyton-Brown, 2008, 532 pages, 3.7MB, PDF
Multi-Relational Data Mining
by Arno Jan Knobbe, 2006, 130 pages, 930KB, PDF
Natural Image Statistics
by Aapo Hyvarinen, Jarmo Hurri, Patrik O. Hoyer, 2009, 487 pages, 9MB, PDF
Natural Language Processing in Prolog
by Gerald Gazdar and Chris Mellish, 1989
Natural Language Processing Techniques in Prolog
by Patrick Blackburn, Kristina Striegnitz, 2002, online html
Neural Fuzzy Systems
by Robert Fuller, 1995, 348 pages, 1.5MB, PDF
Neural Networks
by Ivan F Wilde, 2009, 126 pages, PDF/PS
Neural Networks
by Rolf Pfeifer, Dana Damian, Rudolf Fuchslin, 2010, 109 pages, 1.7MB, PDF
Neural Networks: A Systematic Introduction
by Raul Rojas, 1996, 509 pages, 4.4MB, PDF
New Approaches in Automation and Robotics
edited by Harald Aschemann, 2008, 392 pages, 13MB, PDF
New Developments in Robotics Automation and Control
edited by Aleksandar Lazinica, 2008, 450 pages, 26MB, PDF
Object Detection in Real Images
by Dilip K. Prasad, 2013, 123 pp, 4.1MB, PDF
Planning Algorithms
by Steven M. LaValle, 2006, 842 pages, 13.2MB, PDF
Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming in Java
by Mark Watson, 2008, 222 pages, 1.2MB, PDF
Programming Computer Vision with Python
by Jan Erik Solem, 2012, 300 pp, 14MB, PDF
The Quest for Artificial Intelligence
by Nils J. Nilsson, 2009, 707 pages, 15MB, PDF
Recent Advances in Face Recognition
by Kresimir Delac, Mislav Grgic, Marian Stewart Bartlett, 2008, 236 pages, 17MB, PDF
Recent Advances in Multi Robot Systems
edited by Aleksandar Lazinica, 2008, 15MB, PDF
Recurrent Neural Networks
edited by Xiaolin Hu, P. Balasubramaniam, 2008, 400 pages, 39MB, PDF
Rehabilitation Robotics
edited by Sashi S Kommu, 2007, 648 pages, 9.4MB, PDF
Reinforcement Learning
edited by C. Weber, M. Elshaw, N. M. Mayer, 2008, 424 pages, 12MB, PDF
Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction
by Richard S. Sutton, Andrew G. Barto, 1998
Robot Manipulators
edited by Marco Ceccarelli, 2008, 546 pages, 51MB, PDF
Robot Motion Planning and Control
edited by Jean-Paul Laumond, 1998, PDF
Robot Vision
by Ales Ude, 2010, 624 pages, 43MB, PDF
Robotic Soccer
edited by Pedro Lima, 2007, 598 pages, 33MB, PDF
Robotics and Automation in Construction
edited by Carlos Balaguer and Mohamed Abderrahim, 2008, PDF
Robotics Automation and Control
edited by Pavla Pecherkova, Miroslav Flidr and Jindrich Dunik, 2008, 7.7MB, PDF
Robust Speech Recognition and Understanding
edited, by M. Grimm, K. Kroschel, 2007, 460 pages, 5.6MB, PDF
Rough set data analysis: A road to non-invasive knowledge discovery
by Ivo Duentsch, Guenther Gediga, 2000, 108 pages, 1.1MB, PDF
Scene Reconstruction Pose Estimation and Tracking
edited by Rustam Stolkin, 2007, 530 pages, 12MB, PDF
Service Robot Applications
edited by Yoshihiko Takahashi, 2008, 400 pages, 44MB, PDF
Simply Logical: Intelligent Reasoning by Example
by Peter Flach, 1994, 247 pp, 3.9MB, PDF
Speech Recognition
edited by France Mihelic, Janez Zibert, 2008, 550 pages, 35MB, PDF
Speech Technologies
edited by Ivo Ipsic, 2011, 432 pages, 21MB, PDF
State of the Art in Face Recognition
by Julio Ponce, Adem Karahoca, 2009, 436 pages
Swarm Intelligence: Focus on Ant and Particle Swarm Optimization
edited by Felix T.S. Chan, Manoj K. Tiwari, 2007, 532 pages, 9.9MB, PDF
Tabu Search
by Wassim Jaziri, 2008, 278 pages, 14MB, PDF
Vision Systems
by David Marshall, 1997
Visual Reconstruction
by Andrew Blake, Andrew Zisserman, 1987, 232 pages, 38MB, PDF
Visual Servoing
edited by Rong-Fong Fung, 2010, 244 pages, 19MB, PDF
Voice Communication with Computers: Conversational Systems
by Christopher Schmandt, 1993, 342 pp, 62MB, PDF
Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agents
edited by Zeeshan-Ul-Hassan Usmani, 2010, 494 pages, 19MB, PDF
The World and Mind of Computation and Complexity
by Gregg Schaffter, 2013, 78 pp, multiple formats

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